Racker Donnelly -           Entertainer
Former UK Slam Champion Poet, Irish Times Speaker
of the Year & Grand Marshal
of the Dublin Riviera,
Racker Donnelly has performed for many music, comedy, arts, folk & story clubs & festivals, with the Chieftains in Bray, with Christy Moore at the Frank Harte Festival & with
Dara O Briain & Ardal O'Hanlon at Bloomsbury Theatre. 

He has featured three times for Liverpool Irish Festival, four times for Sidmouth Folk Week & four times for Whitby Folk Week, & for the Frank Harte festival in Dublin & for many Burns Nights & Bloomsdays & Mylesdays (for Flann O'Brien). 

Racker has performed his one-man show in Ireland, Melbourne, Sheffield, London, Liverpool, New York  & for the Edinburgh Festival & sometimes performs with Jacquelyn Hynes (as RackerJacq) or Carol Anderson or Thomas McCarthy (Ireland's Folk Singer of the Year 2019).
Racker Donnelly has MCd & performed in concerts at London’s City Hall & the Musical Traditions Club (where he's a resident performer), the Royal Festival Hall & the Purcell Room, London Arts & Community Festivals, Irish Centres & the Irish Embassy, in Trafalgar Square, the Bray Mermaid & the Ashmolean Museum & has been the featured poet on BBC Radio 4’s SATURDAY LIVE & for Poet in the City & on lots of Irish radio shows. Many of his poems were commissioned for Irish National Radio & replayed on pick-of-the-week Playback. 

Having posted 1475 of his Rackerhymes on Facebook, 
Racker also sings & babbles in Irish/Scottish/Music-Hall
Nights & Story/Poetry/Comedy events, usually in English.


 It's always good to hear you.
 James Joyce himself would have  loved this.                                       
 Clever, humorous, articulate, marvellous.   
 BBC RADIO 4        
 Brilliant. Genius. Lovely stuff. 
 Roaringly funny, left the audience crying with laughter.    
 The Great Racker.
  A wonderful performer.
  The spellbound audience never took their eyes
  off Donnelly. 

  Radio as it should be! 

  The hilarious poet and raconteur.

  I'd like to bring him to all the gigs.
  IRISH WORLD                     
  Getting to the end of his CD, I played it all again.   
  I have grown to love it. Fabulous.
  A wonderful performer, an ace poet.
  Never less than brilliant. 
  The best performance poet I've ever heard: 
  a breath of fresh air on the London folk scene. 
  Racker for Poet Laureate!
 This guy blew me away!

 JOHN BRAITHWAITE,  Director of Sidmouth Folkweek
  Everybody loves The Racker. A master craftsman.
 The man is a genius with words. Brilliant material.

A former journalist, teacher, lexicotomist and council group leader, Racker [as Peter] Donnelly also wrote an acclaimed musical play A WOMAN'S WARTIME, which toured for years, and the epic drama WOKKA~DOODLE~DANDY or Woking? You Must Be Joking!
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